Military Items Needed

There is still a box in front of the church office to collect items for our military. Listed are some items that our soldiers have requested.  Please bring any items that you would like to send to the soldiers to the church and place them in the box marked “Soldier Items”.  They will appreciate all that they get.

 Please continue to support our troops!!!

Hand & Foot Warmers, Chap Stick, Lotion, Homemade Cookies, White Tube Socks, Pringle Chips (individual pack), Pudding & Fruit Snacks (individual servings), Hard Candy, Chewing Gum, Tuna (individual foiled packs), Hand Held Games, Crossword Puzzles, Batteries, Flavor Packets for Bottled Water (Kool-aid, Wylers, Crystal Light, Gatorade)


FUMC is actively involved in the Marshall community.

Contact the church to see how you can help.