Director Children & Youth Ministries

Job Summary:

This full-time position consists of Director of Children & Youth Ministry. The Director of Children and Youth Ministry has overall responsibility for the Christian Education of all children from preschool through twelfth grade at FUMC and shall supervise, direct and evaluate all such programs. This shall include serving as a resource to develop both paid and volunteer staff, equipping them for the ministry, as well as performing hands-on tasks.


Have a strong faith in Jesus Christ. Must be willing to uphold and work within the theological, structural, and social principle framework of the UMC. A college degree, including theological education, a background in elementary education, or child development, is desired. The candidate should also have a strong background in working with adult volunteers.


A. General

1. Participate actively in regularly scheduled church service at FUMC, leading Children’s Moment weekly.

2. Attend meetings pertaining to children and youth (i.e. Ministry Team Council, Church Council).

3. Maintain regular office hours.

4. Function as a member of the ministry team to identify and meet the multiple needs, including physical and spiritual of the children, youth and their families in the various ministries.

B. Specific:

1. Children and Youth Ministries

a. Work with leadership and volunteers to develop and maintain the ministry including but not limited to:

o Kids for Christ (After school program)

o Vacation Bible School

o Power Lunch

o Sunday school


o Christmas Program

o Special events, fundraisers

o Mission Trip

o Summer Church Camps

o Children’s Church (Set up to have other lay people do)

b. Set, review and publicize periodically all schedules and calendars for ministries.

c. Review and work with the Pastor on the curriculums used in all children and youth ministries.

d. Evaluate, along with the Pastor and other stakeholders the effectiveness of all children and youth ministries periodically.

e. Responsible for recruiting church members who provide the staff necessary for all children and youth ministries. The Director is encouraged to have others assist with recruiting.

f. Responsible for the publicity of events in area of children and youth ministry.

g. Plan, develop, and implement outreach activities for the children, youth, and their families who participate in children and youth ministries.

2. Administration

a. Work closely with the secretary on incoming contacts by phone and letters related to children and youth ministries.

b. Follow all rules and regulations when dealing with financial matters.

c. Work under the direction of the Pastor for assigned areas.

d. Keep track of attendance in the various children and youth ministries.

Organizational Relationships:

1. Is directly responsible to the Pastor of the church.

2. Quality of work will be evaluated yearly by the Pastor and SPRC as deemed necessary by SPRC.

3. Be confidential with sensitive information obtained while performing Children & Youth Director’s tasks.

Terms of Employment:

1. Pay and benefits package will be given at the interview.

2. The following is an approved list of paid absences:

a. One week for Christian Church Camp when our children and youth are in attendance. An additional week may be requested.

b. One week, not including Sundays, for conventions or seminars.

c. Two days a week off (One being Saturday—if children and/or youth activity falls on a Saturday, another day may be taken, subject to Pastor’s approval).

d. One week (including one Sunday) of paid vacation after one year. After 2 years, two weeks with two Sundays. After five years of service, an extra week and a Sunday will be added for a total of three weeks and three Sundays.

Pay period: Bi-monthly (Approximately 15th and 30th of each month)

Reports to: Pastor (Job direction)

SPRC (Administrative)