Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School

We provide Sunday school classes for all ages after the worship service. Sunday school gives children an opportunity to fellowship with other students their age and learn about God’s Word together in fun and exciting ways. Through the curriculum Faithweaver NOW, all of the students will study the same Bible passage each week in age appropriate ways. Each week students will learn about a different passage of the Bible and work to apply it to their lives.
We hope to see your children there!

Classes offered:

  • Pre-School
  • Kindergarten-2nd grade
  • 3rd-6th grade

Youth Sunday School

The Junior High and High School Sunday school class provides students an opportunity to dig deeper into the Bible and to learn alongside one another. They are following the Faithweaver NOW curriculum which will focus on the same Bible passage each week as the children’s classes. The students will study a passage of Scripture each week and apply it to their lives.

Adult Sunday School/Education

Young Adult Class
Overflow Room – Nis Lovstad, Leader

This class is designed for younger adults in the church. Many within the group have children which is convenient because the class meets right outside the children’s classrooms. There is a focus on fellowship and meaningful discussion about the Bible and relevant topics.

CSI — Chicks Seeking Inspiration
Study led by Anne Hintz

The CSI class is studying the life of David — impetuous, sensitive, bold, poetic, compassionate, utterly human. What can we learn from this young warrior-king of long ago? And how could God call David a “man after his own heart “ even though he was a “man of blood” and an adulterer? Though David sinned greatly, he also loved greatly. By observing and learning from David’s character and action, we too can become God’s kindred spirits, women “after God’s own heart.”

Agape Class
Fellowship Hall – Pastor Richard Lewis, leader

The Agape Class is an adult class led by Pastor Lewis in the Fellowship Hall. The class encourages discussion by applying relevant scripture to current events and important news stories of the week. This is to put our faith into action to address the needs of daily life. Come join us in the journey of faith.

New Life Class
Fellowship Hall – Russ Ross, leader

Fearless Conversation Adult Sunday school curriculum is a unique curriculum designed to build relationships through authentic conversation. A fearless conversation is a healthy open dialogue that addresses “wondering” questions about faith and God in a compassionate environment, using the Bible as our source to find the truth. It’s all about sharing experiences openly and embracing doubts and questions.

3-M’s Class [Mr.; Mrs.; and Miss]
3M’s Class: Chapel – Searoba Mascher, leader

This class was started several years ago with the philosophy of studying biblical scripture as it relates to the world today. We use the Adult Bible Study series and articles from other writers in this quest. We believe that something is lacking in Faith without works, so each month we reach out to a needy organization by collecting items and delivering them. Most of the members in the class are retired, but we welcome any who wish to join us.